Who Sold The Listing Anyway?

February 12, 2010
By Debbie

Many people may not be familiar with the terminology real estate agents are allowed to use. Specifically, I’m speaking about the terms, “I ‘sold’ this home”, “Our team ‘sold’ this listing”, or similar claims and phrases.

The listing agent is the only agent that can make the claim, “I / We sold this home”, since it was their inventory to sell. The agent that brings in the buyer can’t “sell the listing” if it’s not their listing to sell. Many times agents will say that they just sold a home, and oftentimes the term is loosely used by a buyer’s agent. But only the listing agent can actually make that claim.

However, the buyer’s agent can say, “I closed this transaction”, “I brought in the buyer that closed on that home”, “My buyer purchased that property”, etc. It would seem that he/she who brings in the person with the money in their pocket to make the purchase would be able to make the “I sold it” claim. But it’s not so.

They’ve always said in real estate “if you don’t list, you don’t last” because when you’re the listing agent on a home that sells, you’re guaranteed a portion of the commission no matter who finds the buyer. Because of this, some agents may prefer to work listings. I’ve also heard it said that “Buyers are gold”, especially in tough financial times. I guess it just depends on which side of the transaction you’re on.

Personally, I work with both. And I truly appreciate each and every buyer and seller I’ve been blessed to serve.

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  1. Rebecca on February 13, 2010 at 6:27 am

    Great thoughts and insight.
    Thanks for sharing.

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